Persea Systems

We are a full-service Internet-of-Things design agency.

We'll help you:

  • Refine your product concept and business model
  • Determine requirements and cost/schedule estimates
  • Build and test prototypes
  • Design and refine the production model
  • Get your production pipeline going.


We love building things, and we want to help you build yours. Persea Systems is a Saskatchewan-based Electronics Design Company.

Our process is straightforward:

  • Brainstorm and refine your product idea
  • Prototype it quickly and build a proof-of-concept
  • Formalize the requirements and provide estimates for both design and production costs
  • Design the production version of the product. We’re meticulous about quality; the earlier steps make sure we’re building the right thing, and now we’re going to build the thing right. And we’re going to make sure you can evolve your product in the future.
  • Prepare and coordinate manufacturing, including post-manufacturing QA processes.

New Designs

If you’ve got an idea for a brand new product, we want to help you through the whole process from ideation to production. Whether it’s a cool idea for a wearable, solving an ugly business problem, or making a Tweeting flower pot, we’d love to chat with you about your idea and see if we can help.

We can help you build out the full system, or help you with a piece of it that you don’t have in-house expertise to build yourselves. Ultimately, our number one concern is helping your business succeed.


There’s a lot of companies with existing industrial products that need modernization. Maybe you’re using a 20-year-old microcontroller that is no longer being manufactured. Maybe you’re lamenting the fact that new laptops don’t have serial ports. Maybe the guy who did the whole thing in assembler left five years ago. Maybe your customers are asking for a product that feeds data into a dashboard.

We have two standard approaches for these kinds of problems:

  • Retrofit add-on: in these cases, we design an add-on board that interfaces with your existing product to provide the added functionality.

  • Product refresh: here, we’ll take your existing product and revamp it to use modern components and techniques. We can work within your existing ecosystem to make sure the new product works just like the old one, but with new functionality (and, generally, cheaper to manufacture)